Top Web Hosting Affiliate Programs 2022 (India’s Best Online Earning Platforms)

top affiliate marketing deals with web hosting

Web hosting is one of the most popular affiliate marketing categories in the world. Every new website requires a host.

There most affiliate that writes about marketing, starting an online business, or blogging end up joining a web hosting affiliate program first.

In Fact, I have included a couple of hosting companies that offer recurring commissions on their affiliate program.

It is very difficult to find out a good hosting recurring affiliate with a high recurring commission so get ready to earn huge money in 2021. Here is the list of the highest-paying web hosting affiliate programs.

  1. DomainRacer: Affiliate Commission Up To 70%
  2. BlueHost: Conversion Ratio is 0.6% Only
  3. Hostgator: Earn Up to $50 Per Sale

Top Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs in India

A fair comparison through Pie Chart!

In this diagram easily understand the DomainRacer has the highest commission per sale i.e 55%. Bluehost, Hostgator, iPage having a very low commission rate. In this diagram clearly, understand DomainRacer is such a good web hosting affiliate provider.

make money web hosting affiliate

The best web hosting affiliate services are really simple and quick online earning platforms. Without any pressure and responsibilities towards anyone. It doesn’t require any expense to start as there is no need for any infrastructure.

Let’s scan the Top Hosting Affiliate Programs in2021 that will help you to pick the best high-paying affiliate program instantly

1. DomainRacer: Affiliate Commission Up To 70%

DomainRacer is a good affiliate hosting service and has earned a good reputation over a period of time.

highest paying web hosting affiliate program DomainRacer

DomainRacer affiliate commission differs based on the hosting services –ranging from 30% to 70% per sale.

Best Features of DomainRacer Affiliate Program:

  • Quick sign-up in few clicks
  • Simple Commission structure 
  • Earn Bonus Credit $2500+ 
  • Request Payment Policy
  • Make money online smartly
  • Receive a higher commission of up to 70% per sale
  • Dedicated free online support
  • One-stop solution for affiliate

top web hosting affilate program residual income

DomainRacer is a popular website builder that allows you to create a mobile-friendly website. In our recent findings,  we came to know that DomainRacer shows a conversion rate of 13.11%. It is pretty high as compared to other web hosting affiliate companies in India. It offers lowest customer refund rate of 0.24%. It sold over 36500+ product.

2. BlueHost: Conversion Ratio is 0.6% Only

Bluehost is a very popular choice for hosting a website and a very good name. Bluehost’s commission is $65 for each referral it good.

bluehost web hosting affiliate program residual income

BlueHost offers an easy joining process. Once you join as an affiliate, it enables you to manage your account and track your performance 

But here many users visit the homepage of BlueHost then a few people apply for sign-up. The total conversion ratio is 0.6% only.

3. Hostgator: Earn Up to  $50 Per Sale

Hostgator is one of the most popular managed word press hosting providers. Slower customer support response time. Restore from backups require an additional fee.

HostGator is well known for its simple and easy-to-understand commission rates. They allow you to earn money via your affiliate link for qualifying purchases up to $50-125 per sale.

hostgator top web hosting affiliate services

As compared to DomainRacer, HostGator has a slower customer support response time. Restoring from backups requires an additional fee.

4. iPage: Up-selling When Logging

iPage’s affiliate program is one of the newer ones I’m trying out as their flat-rate commission is good. This is another booming web hosting provider for affiliate marketing.

web hosting recurring affiliate

iPage ensures rewarding sales commission structure ranges from 65$ to 125$. They offer reliable tracking for all qualified commissions

  • Multiple domain hosting processes not as easy as before.
  • Occasional Up-selling when Logging In.

FAQ: Best Web Hosting Affiliate Platforms 2021 

 1. How to Become a Web Host Affiliate?

This is the most important question for which people are seeking. I recommend you first go through the terms and conditions properly before choosing an affiliate program.

It is necessary to understand the signup process and host affiliates accordingly for the commission rates they offer and the best features with quick and stress-free payments.

highest paying web hosting affiliate program 2021

After a successful joining with an affiliate program, you will become a web host affiliate and can start making money online by promoting web host provider services on your website or blog.

2. What do you look for in the highest-paying web hosting affiliate programs?

As the name suggests, the highest paying web hosting affiliate programs allow you to earn maximum commission from affiliate marketing. Here I have listed 4 factors to look in best high paying affiliate programs

  • Commission rate – % of a sale that’s credited by an advertiser to an affiliate for referring a new customer
  • The order value – The average amount spent by customer to complete completes an order every time
  • EPC(Earnings per click) – Affiliate earns  income per each click to an advertiser’s website from a referral link
  • Duration of Cookie – It is the time period to get credit for the sale if a user clicks an affiliate link 

3. What are the top web host affiliate programs in India?

We have seen the top 4 web host affiliates in this guide. I strongly recommend DomainRacer. You can earn up to 70% of the highest commission and a 2500$ credit bonus based on sales. 

Their standard policy for commission approval and withdrawal with great customer support makes them India’s best online affiliate programs to make money smartly


Web hosting affiliate is important,

It is important because the web hosting industry is growing rapidly, Millions of commissions are getting paid to web hosting promoters. So why not join DomainRacer to earn more profits?

Hope this article has helped you to know the leading affiliate programs in India. Now it’s time to decide a match for your niche best. Just make sure the affiliate program you are preferring has trustworthy brands that offer relevant products or services and your readers will be interested in buying.

Affiliate marketing opens wide opportunities as it grows fast as ever. DomainRacer is the best example of the most profitable affiliate program in India. Be smart and sign up with DomainRacer’s to earn extra income at minimal risk.

So what are your thoughts about the best web hosting affiliate program for 2021?

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