GoDaddy Alternatives For Domains (#4 Dedicated Business Hosting)

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Trying to find good GoDaddy alternatives? Fed up with GoDaddy and their slow servers, bad support ,and high prices? We honestly can’t blame you..

There once was a time when GoDaddy ruled the internet –they had the cheapest domain, and best deals out there, with cutting –edge technology and great interface. Sadly, that time has long passed, and while they’re still a big name in the business .

GoDaddy is well –know host, and a common choice for new sites. It has a lot to offer, especially if you’re looking for affordable managed WordPress hosting. However ,there are a number of other hosting companies that provide just as much if not more than GoDaddy, and are also well worth your considerations.

Four Excellent GoDaddy Alternatives for Hosting

So, what other hosting companies do well in comparison with GoDaddy?

Based on the data we’ve collected and our own experiences, here are three providers worth considering .for each one ,we’ll give you a rundown of its key features, and discuss what it does better than GoDaddy..

There are plenty of great GoDaddy alternatives on the market that can deliver the better and give you the best bank for your buck. Here’s what they are :

[1] DomainRacer : Easy for Website Management

DomainRacer is another popular web hosting services that’s well –known in the WordPress community. They offer different types of hosting services like : web hosting, Resellers hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting.



Fast website speed is one of the top benefits of hosting your site on DomainRacer .They also offer 24/7 support, a website builder, free backups, and cPanel with all of their plans.

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While you may see GoDaddy dumping millions into capturing new user, DomainRacer choose to reinvest their profits to continuously improve their product and services.

If you’re looking to build a website quality and easily without having to hire a developer, you can use the website builder that’s shipped with your hosting plans.

[2] NameCheap : Provide Domain Name Registration

Although GoDaddy does a large amount of marketing and has some great super commercials they kind of suck as a register .They’re more expensive than a lot of other companies, and don’t offers anything’s more for the money.

namecheap website hosting alternatives competitors


GoDaddy is always trying to sell you some extra garbage that you don’t need. So called premium features and other popping up in your admin panel. NameCheap doesn’t do any of this nonsense and their interface is plain and easy to use like it’s supposed to be.

[3] iPage : Easy to Launch Website

iPage is one of the most low-cost web hosting services on the market, yet its still a very reliable option. iPage offers 1 single type of hosting plan, whereas GODaddy offers several different options.

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But with iPages hosting plan you get  24/7 support., free SSL certificate.

Whether you ‘re first –time website owner or a web veteran,iPage’s excellent hosting services and a fantastic list of extras make the brand one of the best values in web hosting

[4] Dreamhost : Business-grade WordPress Solution

Like the other hosting providers on this list ,DreamHost is one of the best GoDaddy alternatives on the market. It’s a great option for online retailers ,looking for a platform to sell online. The host also joins Bluehost in the list of providers recommended by WordPress itself.

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They are beating all the companies in its refund policy by offering 97 days money back guarantee.

It means they are very much confident in their services. Moreover DreamHost hosting plan comes with some awesome freebies like SSL certificates.

 GoDaddy Vs DomainRacer : Uptime

Uptime is another important factor to consider before buying a web hosting packages.A website’s operational continuity depends on the uptime.

business godaddy dedicated server alternatives

In our following comparison ,we can see that DomainRacer beats GoDaddy in times of uptime too.


Which GoDaddy Alternatives should you choose?

Now I have discussed some services similar to GoDaddy that you can use to get better web hosting as per my personal experience. I listed DomainRacer and iPage on the top spots.

Moreover , their plans are cheap and everyone easily managed to affordable .You can active cPanel to improve your website’s speed.

If you are looking for reliable ,fast ,and secure web hosting with 24/7 live technical support then without any gestation choose DomainRacer as its an excellent


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